CLASS Grade 4
TEST TAKEN ON Thursday, November 09, 2017 at 02:25 PM
FAST is India’s first pure-play reading assessment. It tests children’s meaning-making (comprehension) and word use fluency (vocabulary) at various degrees of complexity. Across these two skill tests, it measures children’s reading ability. FAST will also suggest areas that need celebration and attention.


Your Total Score: 22 Total Available Marks: 50
Time taken: 14.55 minutes used out of total 40 minutes

Mishya Seth's overall skill snapshot

Section 1: Comprehension

This section consisted of passages and poems with questions that tested your skills to analyse, evaluate, retrieve, understand and appreciate the text.

Your Score: 18 Incorrect Responses: 18 Total: 36

Skills tested in this section:

Analysis: Score: 3 Incorrect Responses: 5
Application: Score: 6 Incorrect Responses: 3
Evaluation: Score: 3 Incorrect Responses: 6
Retrieval: Score: 3 Incorrect Responses: 1
Understanding: Score: 3 Incorrect Responses: 3

Section 2: Vocabulary

This section consisted of questions that tested your word meaning (understanding), word knowledge (application) and word analysis skills.

Your Score: 4 Incorrect Responses: 10 Total: 14

Skills tested in this section:

Analysis: Score: 0 Incorrect Responses: 2
Application: Score: 3 Incorrect Responses: 6
Understanding: Score: 1 Incorrect Responses: 2

Bonus Section: Reading Habits

We asked you to share your reading habits with us, and here’s what you told us

Question Your Response(s) Desirable habit

Do you read in English at home? (Click one option)



Do you have books in English at home? (Click one option)



Do you select the books you want to read? (Click one option)



Do you like to read? (Click one option)



Who do you read with at home? (Click all of the correct options. Selecting more than one options is allowed in this question)


Myself + Father / Mother / Grandparents / Brother / Sister

How often do you read? (Click one option)

Once a week

Almost everyday

Report Summary

Mishya Seth, in the comprehension section, you scored 50% and in the vocabulary section, you scored 29%

‘Why is it important to be a good reader?’ you may ask. Good question and here’s why: Good readers are imaginative, creative people. They can solve problems well and understand others. They are also better listeners and good communicators! They can feel what others feel and are kinder and stronger as well. Good readers also are curious and really eager learners. Naturally, good readers usually excel at their academics. The reader’s journey never stops!

Your reading rocket is in the Fuel Up stage in the comprehension section. In order to improve your performance in this section, you need to read the text slowly and carefully, identify the keywords in the question and then decide upon your answer. Read what you love and read daily.

Your reading rocket is Fuel Up in the vocabulary section. You need to build a richer bank of words and need to practice using them daily. Read what you love. Refer to dictionaries and the thesaurus*. Good luck!
* Thesaurus: A dictionary of synonyms

This was a new learning experience for you. We hope you are happy with your performance, but there is always scope to do better.

Here are some things you can do to enhance your reading skills:

  1. Ask questions about books and stories.
  2. Imagine, imagine, imagine - it's magical.
  3. Choose your own books. Read what you love and what interests you.
  4. Fall in love with words. Play word games with friends. Invent some yourselves.
  6. Talk to ones you love about what they're reading. Share with them too.
  7. Make your own stories.
  8. Read to challenge yourself and to grow.
  9. Tweet what you read!
  10. Read beyond your school books.

About Stones2Milestones:

Stones2Milestones is on a mission to 'Create a Nation of Readers'.

Young Indian children going to English medium schools fall behind academically because they are expected to learn, read and speak in a language that is alien to them and their surroundings - English.

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WOW is integrated with the school’s curriculum and lends itself to the comfort and confidence of the teacher. Beyond its instructional value, it inspires love for reading using literature that is child-friendly and contextual. It makes reading a choice, not a compulsion.

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